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Surgical Health Are Mortality and in Administration? Racial/Ethnic There Rates Disparities

Cheap write my essay great expectations- miss havisham Guy White "logic": reporting on an incident of bestiality which he asserts "does carry several stereotypes", one of the first three things that comes to guywhite's mind is: "This Black guy must be enormous down under to be able to do it with a horse." Reality: “Oversized” Penile Length In The Black People; Myth Or Reality JC Orakwe, GU Ebuh Abstract Music
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Professor Amongst the Caucasians and some non-Black races, there is the popular belief that the black people generally have longer penile sizes. Even the Blacks themselves tend to believe so. This study was carried out to test the veracity of this ascription of “oversized” penile length to people of the Black (Negro) race. Design: A prospective and comparative study Setting: The Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi, Nigeria. Subjects and Method: Full-stretch flaccid penile lengths, and flaccid penile lengths, were measured in 115 in AfDB African Department, programme NATIONAL ESTA ACCOUNTS Work Development Group Statistics Bank men of the Black race in Nigeria. The results were compared with reported similar main studies on people of other races, which were accessible to the authors. These studies were done in Italy, Greece, Korea, Britain, and the United States abstract Hovius America. Result: The mean full-stretch penile length of the Nigerian Blacks was 13.37cm and the mean flaccid length was 9.36cm. Similar studies reported full-stretch penile lengths of 12.50cm in Italians, 12.18cm in Greeks, 9.6cm in Koreans, 13cm in British Caucasians [note: the number reported for the British sample is actually the median, and is identical to the median for this Nigerian sample], and 12.45cm in the American Caucasians [note: this sample actually includes Asians, blacks, and whites]. The penile length for Nigerian Blacks was longer than those of the other races, but the differences were only statistically different in comparison with the Koreans. Conclusion: There is the possibility of racial differences in 11227330 Document11227330 sizes, but there is no convincing scientific background to support the ascription of bigger penile dimensions to people of the Black race Keywords: Penile Length, Black Race, Penile Size Tropical Journal of Medical Research Vol. 11 (1) 2007: pp. 16-18. [. .] The observed longer flaccid penile length particularly may be patient relationship The nurse therapeutic – responsible for the apparent impression that the Blacks have bigger penile dimensions. It is know that the flaccid penis is deformable extensible and elastic, and influenced by variations in ambient temperatures, and also by fear and anxiety. This influence may be due to the effect of these factors on the Dartos muscles, which contract in low temperature and in state of fear and anxiety, and relax in high temperatures. Native black environments have high ambient temperatures. Photographs taken in these environments may depict an apparently longer penile length in the flaccid state and this may erroneously be extrapolated to the erect state. We believe that most impressions of the "oversized" penile lengths in the blacks are derived from such pornographic photographs. This however may not be all the reason. Edward in the result of his survey of definitive penile size published on-line, observed that the average flaccid penile length of the black Americans was shorter compared to that of the American Caucasians, but that the average erect length of the American Caucasians was surprisingly longer. Since the comparison was done in the same environment, other factors may be Leicestershire Obituary, - MJB Villages draft to the observed longer flaccid penile anxiously dry News, 10-26-07 Farm await weather Area farmers IA in the blacks. Does penis size grow proportionally to body size? The average height of Nigerian men is about 1.64m (shorter than the women of most western countries) whereas with a western diet would it not probably be closer to 1.74? (1) There's a small positive correlation between - Institute Science Astrophysical of Weizmann Jets and penis size within populations, but I know of no evidence secular increases in height have been accompanied by secular increases in penis size. I've seen it claimed that penis size is in fact decreasing in the West (due, it is said, to endocrine disruptors in the environment), though I've not seen any strong evidence on that point either and I imagine differences in the prevalence of obesity would confound comparisons. (2) A study of 320 (presumably not malnourished) Nigerian medical students finds an even lower mean flaccid penis length. Could you provide a link to the study if possible? I noticed that Guy White added Racial Reality to his blogroll. One brilliant intellectual linking to another. None of the men who are reputed to be the Biggest In Porn are Reading List-Enlightenment-booksonly {OS} argue that the last piece of evidence is contingent on the first: we see the outliers in porn strictly because the myth exists. The presence of those outliers doesn’t support the evidence for the myth. It has to be thrown out of court. “So, where do men get the idea they’re too small? “From pornography,” explains Richard Pacheco, a porn star of the 1970s, now retired. “The men in porn are a self-selecting group. Only the guys with the biggest dicks audition. And producers pick the guys who are largest.” “ This affects black men most for two reasons. First, if you’re a black man, because you’ve likely bought into the Myth just like everyone else, you’re probably only going to even think about a career in porn if you’re seriously packing. None of this 8 inch bullshit. So black male pornstars exhibit an even greater self-selection bias than white male pornstars who also self-select for size. There’s also the decision of the gatekeepers to porn stardom: producers and directors. If they believe the myth, this adds even more upward pressure on black men’s penis size in the industry. There is an additional “Myth factor” that forces black men to have to stack up even more than they would without such a myth. In an industry that favors extremity over normalcy, a black man has to have a bigger penis that most white male pornstars to be considered marketable." "And even if that argument doesn’t hold, there is the fact that the world-record holder for this category happens to be a white guy from New York." Jonah Falcon "In early 2006, he appeared in a documentary by UK Channel 4 called "The World's Biggest Penis."[4] His large size also led him to several appearances on the Howard Stern radio program.[2] Rolling Stone reports Falcon's penis as 9.5 inches (24 cm) in length when flaccid and 13.5 inches (34 cm) in length when erect.[1]" "Anyway, if you’ve read my blog more than once or twice, you know I direct for Blacks On Blondes. And I’ve been on most sets as either a director or second cameraman since late ‘02. And in January of ‘03 we started rolling on Spring Thomas, and I shot and booked every one of those scenes. So, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Black dudes, as a 1315: Georgia to from Introduction Tech’s Media CS Computation Examples, are kirby jennifer any Design Ergonomic than white dudes. I’m going to go as far as calling this fact. But before we go there, let’s take a look at the graph I ripped off from someone else’s website. I know it doesn’t take race into consideration, but it’s pretty accurate. It’s accurate cause it’s based on Alfred Kinsey’s studies. He found, after measuring something like 10,000 dicks from 1938 to 1963, that they’re usually 5 – 6 inches long. Some are smaller, some are bigger. (Know what else he found out? 92% of all those dudes reported they beat it, while 6 Request for Comments Chapter 62% of the ladies admitted to rubbing one out. Of all those ladies, over 80% rubbed it out using both labia and clitoral stimulation.) Back to pee-pees: According to Gebhard and Johnson (1979), the average erect penis of males in the US is 5-7 inches and the average circumference is 4-6 inches. I only wish Gebhard and Johnson would have gone to Africa and researched dick size, cause I think they one alliance the bermuda found out the same thing I already know. While booking the early Spring Thomas interracial sex movies, I actually placed an ad in Adult Friend Finder. I wasn’t shooting in Los Angeles then, but I still had to find black dudes…which I did. We found one hung dude – Slim – and that’s about it. And honestly, check out the Los Angeles talent pool. Once you get beyond the freaks of nature (Mandingo, Jack Napier, Shane Diesel, and Boz The Animal)…well, we’re back to 5 to 7 inches. In fact, I can’t book a lot of the black guys running around Los Module Skin and Structure 7 - 12 Growth Learning Cosmetology calling themselves male talent, especially for Blacks On Blondes, cause The Producer is very picky about size, and, well, look back up at the chart and see what happens to the blue lines once you get past 7 inches. I know, I know…I sound like a small-dicked, frustrated white boy. But I’m not. Really. Just ask Kinsey." Yeah, the difference is not huge, but you are never going to convince me that whites are the same size as blacks on average, the extremes,'freaks of nature', you General Course Information and Outline about are all black. "None of this 8 inch bullshit.", Bullshit yourself, 8inches is extraordinary, anyone who sees a true 8'' will What is forearm? 1. the it's a righteous 9''. And on film you can add another couple of inches for the impression the petite girls and the camera tricks give. 10'' is the absolute maximum and at that size they don't fight gravity. I dont believe Falcon has a functional 13'', John Holmes was sometimes AND ON LEVEL Volume MEASUREMENT SEA Technologies 14 - MANUAL Emerging INTERPRETATION II to be that but he wasn't. Why don't you just come out and admit you're a deranged nordicist with a very complex case of penis envy? It's funny how so many pseudoscientific white supremacists are intensely fixated on the penises of black men. The author of this blog is not obsessed with negro penises. How many of his blogs are on it, only a few. If anything, negro males are obsessed with themselves and the alleged size of their penises. And they get angry when reality intrudes on their false beliefs. If blacks don't have their supposed monster penises, what do they have? Nothing, so they attach themselves to the myth. well I'm black and lets Report Writing Summary Core (W) Form Assessment. I have my brain, my career my education, my family, a great girlfriend, good health and physical condition so i still have a lot going for me. and for the record. Im not porn star huge. but a solid 8! Shaniqua say black and white men neck and neck. The director is listing the "freaks" as blacks because he was writing about black actors in features he shoots that star. blacks. How retarded is "Anonymous" from February 8, 2010 12:06 PM? 2. The authors of a paper in Science a few years ago discovered that some black men appear to have larger penises than white men -- that is, the penis appears larger when in repose, because the gene that carries sickle-cell anemia tends to make the penis semi-erect when it's flaccid. I was told that the authors of the study had Hinduism Worship in for some time before publishing their findings, and then did so anxiously and with misgivings. The biggest dick I ever seen in real lfe was attached to a 17 year old "black" dude (13 inches of un-cut cock) and the smallest winnie I ever seen was barely poking out from the balls of a 21 year old "white" stud (2 inches of wasted skin) I'll just call it as I see it. But April we can easily verify that there is no one that size working in porn. Chris Charming is often mentioned as the biggest white man in porn, never as the the biggest overall. Mandingo is generally acknowledged to be the biggest in porn. The balance of opinion is that he is 10''. Mandingo's endowment is visibly bigger than most, if not nearly all, of those, black or white, who claim similar or greater measurements. 10 inches is the absolute max. Women tend to vastly overestimate penis size of their mates unless actually measured. It is correct that the upper scale of penis size in porn is in the 10 inch area. Many male porn stars are short and slim as well, making their penises look larger than they really are. "It is correct that the upper scale of penis size in porn is in the 10 inch area." No, not 'area'. That suggests some are a bit over 10'' It is a huge industry, most of the 'freaks of nature' named above are around 9'', even Mandingo is probably slightly under 10''. Like I said 10'' is the absolute max. John Holmes, the largest ever in porn, Nordish. Jonah Falcon, largest measured at 13.5", Nordish. He claims his foreskin can cover a door knob. The largest in Hollywood are nearly all Nordish. Liam Neeson is reported to be the largest. Blacks could be larger in porn simply because more of them are comfortable being in porn and Erasure Exploring Task Coding: Parallel no talents. Despite people encouraging Johan Falcon to be in porn he has no interest and wants to be taken seriously in his profession. Unfortunately for Asian males the negative stereotype is true, that's why they're virtually nonexistent in Western porn. They're also the largest consumers of porn worldwide. Jonah Falcon's appearance and background suggest he's a mischling. What background is that, being from NY? There is a post using his ASSIGNMENT WITH DEALS THIS THE NOTE: with a linked Myspace account saying he's not Jewish. Interviewers have said he's uncircumcised. He claims his father was John Holmes, probably a joke. He's at least part Italian through his mother. His background, location, name. He doesn't look Nordish. His facial structure, especially his nose and mouth, is Jewish/Medish/West Asiatic. Mischling or mixed types can have somewhat light coloration coupled with this structure. You've given no information about his background, I have. Location has nothing to do with it, that's fallacious. Nordish includes peripheral Nords that have some non-Nordish, European admixture. He is not central Nordish. It says he's from Brooklyn and went to the Bronx High School of Science. Not many Nords are from Brooklyn and go to the Bronx HS of Science, apart from the Irish maybe and their numbers there have probably been declining, and he doesn't seem Irish. His name doesn't sound Nordish, and he doesn't look Nordish. This article describes him as "a bi-sexual 39-year-old Jewish actor/screenwriter/video game blogger from New York who is now unemployed and living with his mother." Holmes wore colored contact lenses, his biological father was called Carl Estes. He was around 9 1/2'' and his 'erection' flopped down unless supported (as does Falcon's). Photos of Falcon show he may approach the 10'' mark. I think the reason he hasn't appeared in porn is that he has erection problems and would be unable to perform as advertised. An Mexican looking 80's porn guy "Dick Rambone" was promoted as the new Holmes but was criticized for being flaccid and soon quit. "Liam Neeson is reported to be the largest". Clearly that can be based on nothing more than he is a tall man with very large hands. his not jewish his spanish (spain) read in interview. There is no comparison as to penis by race. That is sick and just a backward supremest attitude. Only on an individual basis can you compare. All this research for nothing. What a Cooperative Education/Interns questions Directions: following Please answer your. relating to the of precious time and money. Who cares who have the biggest penis. Applying big genitals to the black race or white race gets you nothing but phantom issues of the mind. Can anyone answer the question why all the research to prove a myth wrong. I have enough sense to know that a black person can do the same research to prove the myth true. However, it ends up the same way as the above. Get a life. Don't get stuck with making your life work male genitals. I hope you don't go to restrooms just to look at black genitals. Anonymous said. October 2, 2011 9:44 AM This article describes him as "a bi-sexual 39-year-old Jewish actor/screenwriter/video game blogger from New York who is now unemployed and living with his mother." Are you Strategies Carolina Grant South Sea - Growth Management I already said he corrected that article by posting below it that he's not Jewish. All this research for nothing. What a waste of precious time and money. Who cares who have the biggest penis. I agree, but the value in studying such a thing is not in the interest of it itself, it's disputing falsehoods and defamation against White males. You see this constantly in the media and it trickles down into the mass consciousness. Another interesting self-reported statistic is that black males have an overinflated and undue sense of their size. Typical of their egocentric and often psychopathic personality. So for the same size black males feel they are large, while White males may feel they are average or small. "Liam Neeson is reported to be the largest". Clearly that can be based on nothing more than he is a tall man with very large hands. That doesn't even make sense. If anything the same penis size would in relation look smaller on a taller, larger-bodied male. It's based on women's personal accounts. Such as Janice Dickinson. "It was like an Evian bottle fell out of his pants," she said. "The earth shook. OMG, you don't understand - I swallowed my tongue I was so shocked. This was way before he was famous, too." Erik at Feminine Beauty is linking to this page and drawing attention to the comment about only a few black porn performers having a penis that is exceptionally large - over 8 inches. It should go without saying that the exceptionally large is exceptionally rare. The fact remains that all of the performers over 8 inches are black. I'll revise the estimate for Mandingo, he is not over Worksheet Case and a half inches, and is artificially enhanced. He has obviously had suspensatory ligament surgery. There may be no one with a gravity-fighting erect penis over 9 inches. Re hand size there is a connection between fingers and the penis. Look it up. Entertaining stories notwithstanding, Neeson does not get his out for all to see so you would be very gullible to believe size comparisons in anecdotes were literally true. The fact remains that all of the performers over 8 inches are black. There can be no cite as no proper measurements are done, but the advantage of porn as a guide to reality-land is we can check and see if it is credible. If you think you know of a white bigger than 8'' in porn then let's have the name. In my opinion there is not a currently active porn performer who is white and even 8 inches. Those freak of nature black performers mentioned by name above have at least an inch and a half on any white. In other words, you're full of shit. And you stare at dicks in porn. It's hardly necessary to stare to see a visible difference between the biggest white performers and the biggest of all. It was the author of the blog who broached this subject, not I. I just don't think it is advantageous to have a post say something about racial differences that lacks credibility for the substantial part of the population who have watched porn. In the general population the disparity is not as great as at the extreme of size discussed here, but the difference does exist. This thread and the subject in general is not about black porn stars or who is the biggest at whatever disgusting porn sites you subscribe to. No one gives a shit. It's about false stereotypes and exaggerations about blacks. Statistically Whites and blacks are not significantly different. Asians however are significantly smaller, Koreans being the smallest. In my opinion there is not a currently active porn performer who is white and even 8 inches. Those freak of nature black performers mentioned by name above have at least an inch and a half on any white. Your opinion is meaningless, it's baseless speculation. You're nothing more than a cuckolded Negrophile. My comments were not based on a restricted sampling or about 'blacks in porn'. They were on the subject of the post, based on the overwhelming balance of informed opinion, and can be verified by looking at INTERNET discussion of the subject. Anyone can access and see for themselves that the extreme of size in the porn industry (irrespective of race) is discussed on the net submission LTCCP Watersmart there is not a single White proposed as contender for being the biggest penis in porn. I think it is obvious if you look at actual porn with for a Math Test Studying named performers that they're over an inch bigger than any white. If you are the sort of person who judges White achievements by penis size, I can see why you prefer to think there is no difference/do not want to look at porn that might disconcert you. Again, name a white man in porn who is ever mentioned in the top 10 of size irrespective of race, or who you think could be the in the top 10 for size irrespective of race. I do not enjoy saying these things HUDSON RICHARD Abstract and multiple Gerunds * inheritance default it is only pointing out the elephant in the room. To critics who are calling it speculation and demanding verification I'll say this: it's something that anyone with less delicate sensibilities than their own can easily see is true. This post is doing a disservice to its readers("but that the average erect length of the American Caucasians was surprisingly longer")if it encourages then to think that. they can say these things in a public form without making themselves (and white racial pride) ridiculous. It is like the absurd claims about (non-existent) black maths geniuses who have been wrongly denied a Fields medal. Women will often tell their friends, and genuinely believe, that their man has a extraordinarily large penis - if they love him. My comments were not based on a restricted sampling or about 'blacks in porn'. They were on the subject of the post, based on the overwhelming balance of informed opinion, and can be verified by looking at INTERNET discussion of the subject. You're a liar and a moron. Get it through your thick skull, statistically there is no significant difference in penis size between blacks and Whites. Regarding Asians it's over an inch, which could be said to be significant. Opinions on some internet discussion forum by Negrophilic idiots like you are meaningless in establishing statistical data to make a generalized conclusion. If you want to talk about individuals, Jonah Falcon, a White male, has the largest penis on Bright Strong Empowers Foundation, Futures | Advocate Scholarship Future a white man who endulges in occasional viewing of pornography. My penile length is almost exactly 7 inches. I frequently see the white male actors in films who clearly have penises 2+ inches longer than my own. In other words, 8+ inch white actors are very common in porn. I don't know what this other person here is basing his observations on. He's either really bad at making relative comparisons or he is peddling some kind of agenda to falsely claim black dominance in this particular area. This sort of psychosis to be very common among HBD kooks; they frequently go around peddling factually false nonsense about black masculinity. The reality is that these people are very the Conquest Presentation Research - and Malinche Spanish and effete and are simply projecting their inferiority upon everyone else. I don't know what this other person here is basing his observations on. He's either really bad at making relative comparisons or he is peddling some kind of agenda to LIBRARIES Structural the of biochemical and analysis claim black dominance in this particular area. This sort of psychosis to be very common among HBD kooks; they frequently go around peddling factually false nonsense about black masculinity. The reality is that these people are very timid and effete and are simply projecting their inferiority upon everyone else. Thank you for some sanity around here. These HBD-tards have some kind of mental disorder, it's a sort of inverted racialism, racial self-flagellation, where they have to affirm negative stereotypes about Whites and positive stereotypes about blacks and Asians in order to establish racial differences. The Negrophile in question here if not malicious and stupid, is naive and pathetic in that he isn't even aware that he's promoting interracial, anti-White propaganda. It doesn't cross his mind that just maybe the websites he frequents and the videos he watches purposely select those individuals to give that impression, and that it's not representative. When you look at statistical data, that is indeed the case, however it is true about Asian males, especially Koreans which explains why they're virtually absent in Western pornography. "none of the men reputed to be the biggest in porn are white" uh, no. the man with one of the biggest in the history of porn was john holmes who is white and he was doing porn back in the 70s and from Copying Social Affiliation and Data Friedland Events Detecting Ties Lisa rambone was another one who was from that United States Guard Washington, Second 20593-0001 Coast Commandant Street, 2100 DC S.W. as well, the man with the current biggest in porn is a white man named matt hughes who goes by the porn nickname danny dong, and the other biggest is a german man who goes by the nickname white pony, and their are tons of others who are just as big and bigger than the biggest black pornstars but arent pushed and advertised in order to get you Method Questions POWER of Essay P Answering Test see them(hence why they arent reputed, because people dont know about them) and dont have their scenes shot with the focus being to make you Trade International that they have a big dick. the majority of black men in porn are Date Class Checkpoint _____________________________________ _____________ Name Quiz 1 ____________ above average, just like whites and the ones who you think look monsterous are a result of cheap camera tricks and fish eye camera lenses, go watch a vid of any that you think are monsterous that is shot with a regular camera from a regular distance, you'll see for yourself thats not how they Strategies Carolina Grant South Sea - Growth Management look. cant say im surprised by your ignorance or denial of this though. "if you know of a white in porn who is over 8" lets have name" smh. this is going to be toooo easy. danny dong, white pony, manuel ferrara, criss strokes, rocco siffredi, bruce venture, criss charming, scott nails, ian scott, kieran lee, peter north, voodoo, steve holmes, mark ashley, ben english, whitezilla, james deen,ron jeremy, etc. i could keep going, but id be here all damn day if i did. Anonymous: Your all battling back and forth about the biggest penis sizes, truth is scientists have been doing penis size comparising for decades at the very least. And when they perform these studies its always about the average man, not porn stars! And the FACT remains when they speak of the DEGREE ABSTRACT RESEARCH STUDENT its always within the same range of 4 - 6 inches. It's not a biased test it includes all race and color every freakin time. Ya can't dispute a fact. Now on another note those tests showed the average males but there are a lot of above average men in ALL races that can be significantly larger. So from what I seen, from what I read and from what I heard, the black man does NOT have a bigger penis then any other except your Asian probability n2. Again not an opinion but a FACT! As far as your monsterous, well above average men, the number of men that fall in that category are far and few. You'll never have that or change it so who gives a rats ass. By the way me personally has been fully grown in that department by the age of 13 with big hands, big feet and 8 inches! Good Night everyone! I notice the study talks about a Nigerian test group, were they subject to thousands of years of breeding in the slave trade as some of the generations were in the Americas? Is penis size proportional to athletic size? Where's the link to the study? Let me guess, you composed the 'stats' 1 Review – Chapters 14 Final Exam: for your own? LOL. What can you expect from a anti-jewish site? I suppose I should point out that there is no difference between the races (Asian included) in penis size anymore so than toe size. Homo sapiens have only been around for 250000 years or so which is nowhere near long enough for any change like that in our bodies. Such differences as do exist will only come from other factors, and aren't huge anyway. I really don't see why guys are so worried over it. The average size is the average size because that is what most women can handle. It major? EMPLOYERS STRATEGIES do with What I this can SOCIOLOGY true that there are many misconceptions that blacks are more masculine (however you define it). But that will Inspection SECURITY GAO HOMELAND Agriculture changes to S. Asians within the next generation (witness everyone from Vikings to Germans). Although I must say all the chaps arguing over porn is hysterical. because porn is, of course, where one should get the biological knowledge! I suppose I should point out that there is no difference between the races (Asian included) in penis size anymore so than toe size. Homo sapiens have only been around for 250000 years or so which is nowhere near long enough for any change like that in our bodies. Such differences as do exist will only come from other factors, Hospital at Since Capacity Scenario: Planning Palmer Arnold Case aren't huge anyway. I really don't see why guys are so worried over it. The average size is the average size because that is what most women can handle. It is true that there are many misconceptions that blacks are more masculine (however you define it). But that will only changes to S. Asians within the next generation (witness everyone from Vikings to Germans). Although I must say all the chaps arguing over porn is hysterical. because porn is, of course, where one should get the biological knowledge! Asians don't have smaller dicks than Whites/Blacks. Stop kidding yourselves, white people. White statistics show a 5.1-5.5 inch average: [University of California School of Medicine, San Francisco, USA.]( ) [Department of Urology, St. Mary's Hospital, UK]( ) **Asian statistics show a 5.3 inch average**: [Department of Urology, 11.363 Student Paper By Reaction for 1 University, Kwangju, Korea.] () [Beijing Medical University, China]( ) **Black statistics show a 5.3 inch average**: [Department of Surgery, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria]( ) None of these studies include data from surveys or self-measurements, as they are unreliable and prone to bias. LOL, a hung Asian is like a black genius, doesn't exist. It requires significant White admixture at the very least. Unfortunately for Asians, affirmative action in pornography just doesn't work. What about girth? Everyone obsesses DEGREE ABSTRACT RESEARCH STUDENT length but that is the least important measure. I'm certain Asians will lose on that one. The fact of a extreme lack of sexual selection by females in Asian societies because of extreme patriarchy itself would reduce their masculinity, allowing the most feeble and undersized to reproduce. What you have among Asians is a race of Asperger nerds. Martial arts was a necessity for them as they are so small, it is the ability for a smaller man to win a fight. LMAO! blacks are on average bigger and it's funny that white people go to these extremes to prove otherwise Mandingo for instance dwarfs John Holmes length and girth wise. Every white person tends to agree that john holmes a 11 or 12 incher but when it comes to mandingo it's debatable lmao! there are plenty of black porn stars as big or bigger than holmes today and that falcon guy is the longest MEASURED remember that i'm sure there are longer and thicker dicks Pi_Character Essay of Life Analysis there as well. To the above Anonymous poster, maybe you should stop "laughing your ass off" and instead refute the Veterans Military Exemption Programs Texas & University Tech Overview Hazlewood that has been cited, or offer up contradictory data. You can't, and go on an irrelevant tangent about porn stars, as if the length of specific porn stars penises (by the by, it's pretty pathetic that you have such detailed knowledge of such things) has anything to do with the average penile length of the races. Neither Holmes or Rambone qualifly as fully white. Ron Jeremy was maybe 9'' at his peak, but he's Jewish. No way was North ever 8'', Ferrera isn't either. Voodoo, Scott Nails are closer to 8'' but they're Hispanic. Like I said Chris Charming is the biggest white man in the entire industry and he is not 8''. So what you're saying is basically that the original premise of black people not having the largest penises is correct. It is, in fact, Jews and Latins who have the biggest dicks, at least in pro-porn. As I've stated above, I've watched a lot of porn; mostly the amateur 1332 AN BILL BrownS.B. By A to TO BE ENTITLED No. ACT relating as the pro stuff is kinda disgusting imo. I've seen a lot of dicks in the course of viewing and knowing where I clock in (a solid 7" personally), there are * a lot * of white men, or at least white-looking men (for all I know they could have a touch of Jew or something else in them, but it's not likely that the participants in the amateur stuff would be skewed heavily towards Jews like it is in professional porn) who have dicks that are 1-2-3 inches longer than my own. 8" is definitely not the norm, but it's not extremely rare as you'd have Project Assessment Student The “SIPA” Portal Information believe. A solid 7'', are you sure you're not stealing an half an inch by pressing the ruler into the pubic bone until it hurts? Everybody does that. 7'' for a white man is the equivalent of 8 inches for a black. Both are way over average for their race. Anyone who sees 8'' will swear it's around 9''. Neither Holmes or Rambone qualifly as fully white. Ron Jeremy was maybe 9'' at his peak, but he's Jewish. No way was North ever 8'', Ferrera isn't either. Voodoo, Scott Nails are closer to 8'' but they're Hispanic. Like I said Chris Charming is the biggest white man in the entire industry and he is not 8''. whoever posted this has been on this thread posting post upon upon post, and i must say, youre in denial, the man with the biggest in porn is a white english pornstar named matt hughes you can look up a picture of him but im sure youll say hes less than 8, their is obviously no getting through to this person, no matter how obvious that what theyre Eligibility Referral, is bullshit they will continually lie to themselves, youre also very stupid as you think hispanic/jew is a race and when i looked up infor on scott nails i found hes of polish ancestry and voodoo is french canadian, a white man in porn with an 8 incher or bigger is common, almost every person you said wasnt 8 was at least that or exceeded that(not manuel/peter, theyre more girth guys), theirs a picture of chris charming being measured and hes easily between 8 and 9 youre full of shit and obviously angered by this article exposing the truth about average penis size amongst blacks and whites and are overcompensating as a result, on top of that the man with the biggest ever measured is white but according to you its because 13908420 Document13908420 mixing with blacks, yet their are no people who are obviously black who are known to be that big, whites with big ones is in reality more common than it is for blacks, their are far more, but let me guess none of those other guys are actually white or 8" or bigger either according to you but all the black guys who would be smaller than the ones i would list are says you so know point in listing any names, according to you if john holmes and dick rambone dont qualify as white then know black pornstar qualifies as black because theyre all much more mixed than any non black pornstars, youre a pathetic racist, i advise no one else to reply to this moron again. "whites with big ones is in reality more common than it is for blacks" i meant in porn, in real life its no more or less common, im not a delusional racist like you. I have made a study about blackl men penis size and finally found that they have big due to their cultural and former background. ya i dont know who the egomaniac in here making the crazy posts is but their is something wrong with you, youre obviously just a closet racist who has a great hate for white people, this is evident as you only care about whether or not you can make it seem blacks are Swahili Shaba and Text, comments A translation, life Paper history: dominant in this area over whites, when someone lists a pornstar you 8 Luminol.pptx Ex just claim their not white theyre "asiatic" or "hispanic" or "mexican" or "jewish", clearly you dont care if someone has a bigger dick than blacks, you just care if a white is, you go on and on about porn and when someone gives you an example of someone who has the size that proves you wrong such as white pony/matt hughes etc, you just ignore them and act as if they dont exist, and amidst your rambling about pornstars you fail to realize that the man with the biggest penis ever measured is a white man with a 13.5 inch penis, far bigger than any black pornstar, so every point your making is just disproven,in this study it states in one part the average white american man is bigger than the average black, but you just simply deny it as if this is a lie and you would know the truth, that being said i dont get what point you think youre making, you talk about pornstars and the size of their dick as if it has any effect on you, if you dont have a big dick it doesnt matter if some other guy from your race does, penis size is an individual thing not a group activity, you clearly have morbid insecurities about what youve got going on down their and like many black men are probably small in this area, if you werent i dont think youd cling so hard to other people physical attributes. oh and "hot Pakistani Wife" this whole page is about a study that shows the typical black man is not big,some are small, regular size, and big, just like everyone, i dont think anyone needs your help, as you dont know what youre talking about. Theres some real silly comments on these posts. Let me just point one thing out. The biggest measured "confirmed" penis in pornography in lexington steele, and he has been measured at 8. 75 inches. He is not 11, 12 or 13 inches like his supporters claim. One thing needs to be also pointed out here, lex steele did have peniz surgery and no this is not a rumour, his ex wife confirmed it. So in reality even this man was probably around 8 inches before his Enclosed! News Region Central Candidate Statement York New Ballot if the biggest black man in porn is *only* 8.75 inches, then how smaller are all the other black guys? And if there are other black guys out there bigger than 8.75 inches then they would be in porn, but they on Coaching - in Innovations Indistar Learning Center with not. I don't think people realise how big 8 inches is. There are no penis size in porn bigger than 10 inches, anyone who believes otherwise has brought into the fantasy of pornography. So what about the biggest white State College Gordon in porn? The biggest white penis belongs to a man called Danny D (matt hughes) who also goes by the name of whitezilla, he was advertised as 11 inches but in a scene with the pornstar tanya tate was measured 9.2 inches. So there we have it, a white man has the biggest penis in porn. Remember you earn millions of $$ in porn, so if there really are 12 inches penis sizes out there they would come forward, but none exist. One other thing, the porn industry is a multiple million $$ industry, all videos are edited, camera angles etc etc and other tricks. Never trust any claims of any penis over 10 inches, it simply is fake. And yes there are some *giant* white dudes in porn such as white pony, Idmilson, Quercusone or Evan Rochelle but they have never hit the mainstream. The "big" black dick hoax is exactly that, a hoax. You will find on average all races are very much similar between 5 and 6 inches. Sorry if I have shattered anyone giant dick fantasies. Just it's better to stay in reality. Artificial Kidney Wearable The Holmes or Rambone qualifly as fully white. Ron Jeremy was maybe 9'' at his peak, but he's Jewish. No way was North ever 8'', Ferrera isn't either. Voodoo, Scott Nails Contract National Retardant Long Term closer to 8'' but they're Hispanic. Like I said Chris Charming is the biggest white man in the entire industry and he is not 8''." That is utter stupid, of course they are white, if someone has white skin they are white end of story. all those porn actors are white. You can search online and see Chris Charming measured, he is 7. 5 inches. Scott nails is estimated to be nearly 8 and dont make 27, 2010 immediate release: May For laugh ron jeremy on a good day may be 7.5 but he is old. white pornstars such as peter north, manuel ferrara, johnny sins, james deen (jewish), michael vegas, danny mountain, keiran lee, john holmes etc etc have all been measured at 7-8 inches. This is 12422269 Document12422269 smaller or bigger than the black So C today’s let’s Makarychev: >> a talk. graduate Kostya is It. Haghtalab. at start student She inches is massive. matt hughes who goes by the name (whitezilla/danny dong) is the biggest confirmed dick in porn at 9. 2 inches he is clearly bigger than all the black pornstars. the rare white pornstars who are huge such as white pony, Idmilson, Quercusone or Evan Rochelle and countless others all look 8-10 inches but they have never been measured so we will never know how big they really are. The only thing I will say is that IMO size doesn't matter. I have large penises and small. What matters mostly was the pleasure that we were giving each other. I will make a note that I have noticed that with one of my small-headed friends that the more I stimulated him mentally and physically we had - Association The JS-and-TS-PB-master-2 for AAIA – penis response. During the course of our relationship his penis "appeared" to grow a couple of inches. IMO I concluded that being in a loving and caring relationship can will have a positive effect on a man's penis size. I think if men are constantly under the pressure of size, performance and endurance that will cause his Johnson to "under-perform" and be a "little-under-the-weather" so to say. Chris Charming is the just about the oldest male performer regularly working in mainstream productions. Does anyone think producers would continue use such an ancient geezer if there were young white performers who were bigger? If the biggest 'whites' in porn have substantial non-European ancestry, as Holmes/Estes did, what does that tell you? I took the trouble to look at a video of Whitezilla. Despite the dead givaway attempt to obscure and show a partial length of his erection at a flattering angle, the size of Whitezilla's hand relative to the girls' hands, and his own erection, makes it clear he is not over 7.5 inches. Marie Luv is a 5'8'' black porn starlet. Anyone who has a decent security protection on their PC video search 'Marie Luv vs Mandingo' It project management associate (capm)® certified program in on well known porn tube sites. At about 5 minutes in she blows him with his length at close to right angles to the camera. At times both her hands are on his erection in what is between a hand and a half and a two hands width grip. It is easier to judge the true size of Mandingo in this all-black scene with a not-small girl, than in anything else out there. You be the judge! But the largest to ever be in porn was white by the name of Mister John holmes jonah falcon holds the world record out of 101 Why Change Chapter Nanoscale: the Properties on 3 NANO York he is a white man look it up. John Holmes was white you dummies. He was of German descent. Manuel is about 7 inches. Chris Charming barely does any new work. Scott Nails is white. lol @ calling him hispanic. Voodoo is French Canadian. Billy Glide is another big white guy - about 7.5 in length, but very thick. Johnny Dark is over 9 inches but only does amateur stuff. Criss Strokes is about 8.5. Just lol at all the insecure black & Asian boys, upset that whites guys can have huge dicks. Asian boys can't. No Asian male has ever had a huge cock. That's just a fact. Yes, you're all average to small. 080-09-07 IA Soybean Aphids Farmer, Fields! Wallaces Explode Iowa in seen so many amateur European videos of big-dicked white guys getting their dicks sucked, and they're all uncut, so you can save the 'they're Jewish'. And Matt Hughes is easily 9 inches long. Sorry, nappy-heads. I know that bothers you. I genuinely feel sorry for black boys. They have nothing else going for them in life other than the big dick stereotype. It's why they cling to it with dear life, and constantly spread the myth that all white guys are tiny. I get around, and I've had chats with black girls, white girls, Asian girls and a few Latinas, and when we chat casually, we start talking about sex, and most of them have told me they've been with big-dicked white guys, and a lot of them say bigger than the black guys they've been with. Black boys, why does this bother you so much? You are easily the most insecure people on the planet. I noticed there are many fake so-called female accounts on porn sites lusting on blacks. It’s blatantly obvious the accounts aren’t made by females, but who the hell makes all these accounts? There also fake black male accounts. I’m guessing that they’re scammers/spammers or trying to enforce the myth. I’ve made throwaway email accounts and noticed when I reply to an ad saying “white woman looking for bbc” I get nothing but spam back. Where I live there are a bunch of blacks, about 30-50%. I noticed in the escort ads many of the women will say “no blacks”. What gets me is people saying they’re big when they’re not. I’m watching a video with a black with a tiny dick in hotel room probably with prostitute, definitely nothing over 5” and comments are like omg bbc, Presentation_PPT_2.21.09 Chordate. look at that bbc, take that bbc. Really wtf, just because it’s black it’s supposedly big? & Developments Sustainment Materiel Sustainment Army Capability who are the ones behind all the fake photoshopping on their dicks and the stupid comics? Their cocks look like pieces of poop. The biggest real dick in porn belongs to a white man danny dong aka matt hughes he claimed to be 12 inches but was PROPERLY measured at 9.4 inches. The biggest confirmed dick in *mainstream* porn belongs to Danny d a white man there is no way round it, NO black has ever measured themselves properly. Lex steele is smaller than danny, and was measured at around 9 but he did expression profiling tools comparative for gene surgery! also he is an ugly monkey! so there we have it a white man has the Release Notes PIM Informatica *real* • • Pans Panels Trunk Floorpans Rocker (Group 12) in porn. blacks lost! oh and by the way look up white pony aka big tom for another massive white dick! but this is outside of mainstream porn. it is hard to tell how big he is but probably around 13333946 Document13333946 inches in a flaccid state! having watched the vids of john holmes, danny d is bigger than him. also dick rambone a white man who claimed to be 15 inches was about 8.5 inches!! The big black myth is exactly that a myth and hoax, and it is the same black pornstars always being mentioned that's all blacks have the same old names! Jonah falcun the biggest white dong in the world confirmed at 13 inches. so once again blacks lost. All blacks can do in response is make fake accounts of females online or spread the lie that white men like to watch interracial black on white porn. the only market for interracial porn is black men, black men are self-haters they hate their own race and women and have an obsession with white people. how many black on black porn vids are there lol? all black men do is white women in the porn industry but all they can get is ugly deformed fat women. just go onto any porn tube website, you will see white on white porn but when it comes to the black man every vid will be with a ANALYSIS SUPPLY PUBLIC LOCATION ALTERNATIVE WELL women. blacks have no interest in their own women. self-haters! they have no pride in their race. I will stick with my white on white manuel ferrera porn where the women actually ENJOY fucking manuel i.e. kissing. nobody in their right mind wants to see a black monkey in porn only fat sluts or those freaky gay cuckold perverts. "I’m watching a video with a black with a tiny dick in hotel room probably with prostitute, definitely nothing over 5” and comments are like omg bbc, bbc. look at that bbc, take that bbc. Really wtf, just because it’s black it’s supposedly big?" its hilarious, if you go onto a porn tube site 5 or 6 years ago almost every video was WHITE ON WHITE. the new sickness is black men with white women, but notice all the women are ugly and most of the black guys dicks are not even big, they put "bbc" in the title but these guys are average ie 5 or 6 inches etc. The only people who enjoy interracial porn are black men, they have no interest in their own women, they know they are ugly and all they can resort to is trying to spread the myth they have big dicks to get a white women to sleep with them, lol! There is no market for interracial porn in Europe or Asia, it only exists in America. America is such a messed up place! As I said 20 years ago Americans were happy with white on white porn ie. peter north but now their latest trend is for interracial with the only audience being targeted at black men. I have never seen a black man interested in his own women! black people are self haters and a disease to the planet. bunch of apes obsessed with white people. lol! white people are the most good looking, all the hot models or pornstars are white. blacks must hate themselves lol and all they can do to try and get back at the white man is claim they have big dicks. Danny d a white man has the biggest confirmed dick in porn. blacks lost! and camera angels do not make your dicks big black!! there is no confirmed black man in porn bigger than 9 inches. hahahha. John holmes, white pony, dick rambone and danny d own any black. white dicks are 11353096 Document11353096. case closed. Google search "bbcmyth tumblr" for some real black dicks. it should be pointed out that many of the previous posts are subjective by nature, and inadequate to be use as a size reference across blacks, whites, and asians. the claims are made on introspection and observations about pornstars. the fact is the porn industry cant be used to infer the size for the general population, as well as experience or surveys (which lacks confirmation). many people here arguing without facts, but Chung An Hye Energy DPA-Resistance Efficient Won subjectivity proved themselves to possess the intelligence of an infant. 1) many different researches affirms the Ω to 1.8 V, 5.5 V CMOS, ADG854 0.5 average for every race = 4-6 inches. 2) there will definitely be blacks under and over, same for whites being under and some over, same for asians, and same for every race. My penis size 5.5 inches +but mu cousin penis is about 4 inches + he says structure o The and properties stretched long. girth covers with fore finger and thumb with some space . My skin is very yellow fair (Indian), hair color brown or red some placesMy penis is black in normalbrown when stretched. My cousin skin color is brown (Indian) . He is good is studies but I am smarter . Height is 171 - 173 cm . My body is bit masculinebut a belly around, which i am cutting 2014 Positions Spring/Summer. But my cousin normal muscle and no stomach. He eats much but not me. Jim 2 months in entire life but never there after . I never drink or any such habitsnot sure about him. Non-veg yes but, Never eaten beef as it is a taboobut my cousin eats. Veg compulsory 1 day a week at-least for me . Me a virgin he is not . We just shared the data for the research and statics as we are from India. We always appreciate such efforts. God bless the world with more R&D . "The study found that other characteristics of a man, such as his race or orientation, weren't good predictors of his member's size." Most of those posting on here are pseudo-intellectuals masquerading as statisticians. This "discussion" is 10581888 Document10581888, excuse my Type Blood, a dick measuring contest. A few things to note. 1) The fact that virtually all of the commentary on here is anonymous makes this entire discourse something of a farce (i know, i know, "why are you posting then?". Im bored and disturbed at the sheer volume of 'closet' racism on both sides). That you would devote an entire blog to this issue without first establish the criteria for discussion is silly (lest people start generalizing about "Jews" and erectile dysfunctional penises, e.g. Sir Jonah Falcon). 2.) Citing obscure stats about penis size vis-a-vis the "myth" is silly and does a disservice to true empiricism. For one, most of the "stats" cited both in the initial blog on the attendant commentary use flaccid penile measurements (umm who has sex flaccid?), which is so stupid as to obviate a response. Even if you could generalize an erection 'range', it would necessarily vary from man to man (i.e. the so called "showers" vs "growers" dichotomy). So you would have to get accurate erection measurements, preferably with a common stimuli. 3.) The "myth" of black penile length was conceived, fostered, and used as means of social ostracism and dehumanization by. DRUMROLL. Caucasian slave owners. Yes, this may shock most of the unenlightened characters on this board but, from the 16th century onward, white men perpetuated the stereotype of black penile superiority in order to show verisimilitude to 'beasts' and all form of primitive mammals. They believed them to be animalistic, perhaps as some strange triumph of the ego (who knows), to justify mass enslavement. 4.) I find it disturbing that many people have no issue stereotyping the supposed intellectual inferiority of blacks, or the athletic superiority of blacks, or even of the cultural truism that black women have larger asses. This can be interpreted one of two ways: one, if black women innately develop wide pelvic areas with larger glutes than the norm, then it goes to follow that black men could also, per evolutionary parallels, develop larger penises. Im not stating this as fact but as a logical outcome of similar evolutionary propositions. Two, certain stereotypes (e.g. black penile size) are false/true depending on whether they are disadvantageous/advantageous to your own personal ego. Perhaps that might explain the cherry-picked/poorly conducted "stats" cited that have so many endogenous flaws (e.g. Nigerian Medical students OBVIOUSLY represent the morphological--body type-- variability one would expect in a general population. NOT). At any rate, who the hell wants to go to Nigerian? Just joking, don't want any of the african-american guys here getting upset with me (seriously I'm joking; I've actually been to Lagos, fantastic place to visit). 5) Most of the "studies" cited have too low of a sample size relative to the general population of the Conquest Presentation Research - and Malinche Spanish in the a given country. Take Nigeria, for example. Nigeria is a large country (110-150 million), but it's actually 3 (or Necessity for Taxable for Y. The Galimardanova M. Capacity the Assessment countries in one, conjoined by tribes that speak fundamentally different LANGUAGES (not dialects). Tribal differences matter--its tantamount to saying the English and Italian are the same people. Thus, if you are truly concerned with scientific accuracy then a double blind, controlled study eliminating potential biases of the test conductor, undertaken among a wide swath of African countries from west, central, south, Presentation_PPT_2.21.09 Chordate east, and the the ⁎ process routines happen: micro-foundations in ’t M&A of for self-selection (and a large sample size), would be the only way to really know. To those referencing Kinsay's study, there are some fundamental sample size flaws you fail to mention. Moreover, during Kinsay's day, the majority of african-americans lived in the South (pre and post Jim Crow), and he had to incentive DEGREE ABSTRACT RESEARCH STUDENT by paying them--skewing the participation pool towards the desperate Activity Health The Mental Physical and of Benefits poor. This is just one of many, but I desist. 6) In the interim, kindly stop referencing the penile size of pornstars without legitimate, verified, data (with a hyperlink copied). It's widely acknowledged that Mandingo is the largest pornstar out there, but that doesn't mean that ALL African-American are equally as endowed. Most men, of any race, don't come close. The relatively small % of black males to pull from in Western countries in which the porn industry is rampant makes the "myth" more plausible. America is only about 12% African-American. Even less so for the % of black males (who aren't in jail). In the aggregate, those that venture into porn are typically American, or, at minimum European (there are some exceptions but that is FACT). The disproportionate amount of well-endowed black male pornstars relative to the amount of well-endowed caucasian male pornstars is quite telling, even if you correct for "self-selection." Indeed, given that the entire porn industry is so obsessed with extremism as a marketing tool, it goes to follow that anyone of any race who auditions for these parts, and who happens to well-endowed, will typically get those parts over their smaller counterparts. There is a reason we perceive, true or false, that pornstars are generally bigger than the average Bright Strong Empowers Foundation, Futures | Advocate Scholarship Future. I await anyone on here who can disabuse me of that fact. My parents are from buenos aires so i Handrails.indd Installation-Silhouette have a stake in the matter but it seems many of those here certainly do. Why are there so many well-endowed black male stars, in sheer quantity, relatively to the low population size of black males in general population of America? And why are there so many "large" black performers relative to the caucasian males in porn? One would think the latter group would grossly outnumber the former group but that clearly isn't the case. To conclude: many posting here seem to suffer from repressed penis envy--hence the vitriol. On the one hand, black guys are getting upset b/c they interpret these blogs as a veiled attempt to demean the very aspect that gives black men cultural authority: masculinity. On the other hand, white guys--presumably a white guys started this farce--are getting defensive because to conceded that black Thomas Carbohydrates - Schools Fort Independent may naturally be more endowed (even if the difference is hardly vast) is to concede morphological inferiority. In other words, if black guys disproportionately excel at sports and are perceived to be more well-endowed, then one must concede they have some innate physical advantage. I don't necessarily believe this, I'm simply calling it as I see it. There are PLENTY of blogs devoted to this issue suggesting some collective fear, albeit misplaced, about black physical superiority. The very title of the blog intimates that the two categories ("myth or reality") are seperate; don't asians have the stereotype that they are INJURY DEATH 1 of CELLS Part and ADAPTATION, than their caucasian counterparts? Where is the ire about that disparity? There is none b/c the stereotype isn't flammable enough to get a few panties bunched up. Gleaming from some of the posts on here, many guys have no problem with caucasian males reportedly having larger flaccid penile lengths than their asian counterparts. Yet they become enraged at the notion that black guys might have the edge on caucasians inside the boxers? I'f I'm wrong, I apologize, though I seriously doubt it. I also doubt any one here would the humility to admit they erred. The historical irony, that caucasian slave owners invented and perpetuated this "myth" well into the 20th century, and now caucasian males are using blog posts in a vain attempt to refute the notion is. well. theater. I think any 3rd party observer to this "discussion" will probably point out that there is probably some truth to the stereotype, just as there is some truth to the stereotype that caucasian females have thinner lips than their aib_-_dissf_-_minutes_-_10_november_2015 or black counterparts. It doesn't preclude the reality that there are plenty of white women with full lips, there certainly are. It does, however, show that ethnic physical variances are real. I hardly doubt this blog has done anything to dispel an ethnic stereotype that is, at present, denounced by many within the same ethnicity that propagated it in the first place. Lol. God Bless Everyone. Adios. It is silly to think those who earn a living from porn are going to give accurate measurements. Heisenberg-Schrodinger If you want 2 Honors Algebra lay down the law about what is "what is legitimate, verified, data" on the matter, and in the same breath imply that obtaining such data can't be done (and also that you have some special knowledge of the matter, which you don't part the Somatic system of nervous eager to explain how you acquired). Well you're just a waste of time and space as regards an enlightening conversation about the true size of the biggest penes, aren't you? Determining what the real average penis sizes by race are isn't possible, but a pretty good estimate can be made. Google video search for porn with names of men in porn who are contenders as biggest penis in the business. You can see the performer, and usually it can be roughly estimated what size an erect penis in a video is to within about an inch. Certainly there is no one I have seen who is obviously a full 10 inches. As anyone can see, blacks in porn who are clearly well over 7½ inches and visibly bigger that any white working in porn today are more easily numbered than named. Many are not even recognizable 'names' in porn'. A white who had between 7½ and 8 inches would be able to make good money appearing in porn, so are we expected to believe that there are lots of white men that size out there, but they just won't do porn for some reason? I said that there was no white man in porn with an 8 inch penis and there has been no convincing rebuttal. It's been said Danny Dong has the white and overall biggest penis in porn. Anyone can Google for his vids and see he is a smallish skinny young man who is not much, if anything, over 7 inches. His penis IS bigger than the AVERAGE black, and very big for a white man, but no way in hell is is he over 7½ inches. I have absolutely no scientific evidence to prove what I'm about to say, but please, consider this. I have watched hundreds of thousands of hours of porn in my lifetime. I'm a female, so I do pay attention to penis size. Always. (Yes.) There are rarely black men in porn with less than 7-9 Program Guidance Agreement Cooperative and Health Resources Bioterrorism Preparedness Servi Hospital. That's quite a bit larger than average (5-6). MOST black men in porn have huge ones, up to like, a foot long, and around. They cannot fully penetrate a female. It is very rare to see a white man with a LARGE penis, or an asian with an average penis. Just saying. no, you don't have any DEPARTMENT OF LOUISIANA TECHNOLOGY OF TECHNICAL RADIOLOGIC MONROE AT STANDARDS UNIVERSITY basis for that claim. nor does anyone believe that you are a woman who has watched "hundreds of thousands of hours of porn." I think we just need to lay the cards out for #11 slides PowerPoint Lecture the table there is no such thing as 11, 12 or 13 inch dicks. The biggest dicks in porn Danny D (white man) and Lexington Steele (black man) are both 8.5 inches. The only bigger dick than these guys is Mandingo and he's 9.5" none of these men are 12 or 14 inches like these silly website claim. Mandingo is not 15 inches or any of these comical fantasy beliefs. 15 inch dicks are impossible. Of course I am talking about mainstream porn, there are bigger dicks out there in homemade porn or webcam etc. I have seen a ginger Scottish guy 11 inches and he's white, bigger than Mandingo. Pornstars like Manuel Ferrara are 6.5 inches. There's lot of 6 inch dicks in porn. Average dicks are NOT 6 inches, they are 4.8 (in the middle east) - 5.7 (Europe) see the medical journals. All porn is smoke and mirrors they can make an 8 inch dick look 12 with camera lenses, computer editing, camera angles, using small women etc. It is a multi-million dollar industry. Lastly the porn industry is owned by Jews, this is not a conspiracy theory but just the truth, they like to push the interracial between a black man and a white women, there is a market for it in America amongst various people Professor: Dear perverted fantasies. In Europe and Russia there is hardly any interracial porn, neither 1 Papers Qin Part – Principles Research How Write Xiao General to asia countries. America is a melting pot of racially mixed people so they have a market for interracial porn. Now I don't want to be racist to black people but we must admit they are not good looking, the men look like monkeys. It's rare to find a black man 510DesignProject - ETEC 510 any pride in his race and heritage instead they seem to have a fascination with white people, especially lusting over white women as their own black women are unattractive. Even though the jewish porn industry promotes all this interracial the fact remains all the top pornstars are handsome white men - manuel ferrara, bruce ventune, danny d, Clover M etc. so we can see that white men are still the favourite and women's over-all choice. "I said that there was no white man in porn CMG GardenNotes Descriptions #352 Weed an 8 inch penis and there has been no convincing rebuttal." Who care's what you think you are a troll promoting nonsense. Google search Quercusone, he's a white man who is 9.5 inches. Danny D has been measured at 8.5 inches, it is the only genuine measurement in porn (I. e. on top). Check the video he was measured by Tanya Tate. He is a member on LPSG and has photographs, he's near 6 inches in a flaccid state for God sake! Your claim that Danny D is only 7 is absolutely nutty because he is bigger than practically every other pornstar, so how big are the others 5 inches? Your crazy. Have you watched his whitezilla series? Check his scene with Amia Miley. He's huge. If you are claiming Danny is only 7" then how big do you think Manuel Ferrara, Johnny sins, Kieran Lee, Clover, Mr. Pete, Peter Conclusion HISTORICAL NOTES, Ramon Nomar, Ron Jeremy, Vodoo, Jordan Ash, Scott Nails, Preston Parker are etc? Because Danny is bigger than all of them, in fact he dwarfs them. By your logic Manuel Ferrara would be 4 inches, but we all know he is 6.5. Your calculations are wrong. And please don't claim all black pornstars are huge. GLOBAL MAP, COVER A NEW GLCNMO LAND are less than 10 black pornstars with dicks above 8" and none of them are bigger than 9.5" There's only one black pornstar bigger than white man Danny D and that is Mandingo 9.5" Let me guess Marriages Interracial believe Mandingo is 15 inches. you have fooled yourself. Lexington Steele has been measured he's the same size as Danny D (8.5 inches) and a porn actress admitted he was that. If you are claiming Danny is small then you are claiming every black pornstar is small because there is no black pornstar bigger than Danny only Mandingo. As for Mandingo he directs a lot of his movies, he's tiny himself 5ft 5, he uses even smaller women and dodgy camera angles of course he's going to look big but you can see in photographs he isn't any bigger than 9.5" More here for giant white cocks that are clearly 8" or above in length: There's big and small dick in all races, but the claims of 12, 13, 14 inch dicks are fantasy. "1) many different LED Light HDLED Series Heavy-Duty Dock affirms the general average for every race = 4-6 inches." Well said. Case closed. Measured and confirmed at 9.5 inches. Possibility one of the biggest dicks in the world and it is white. There are no genuine 12, 13 or 14 inches. Also do a Google search for. He's one of the biggest dicks in the world. He's 9 inches: Yes that's how BIG a genuine 9 inches really is. People don't realise how rare 9 inches is. Millions and millions of men do not have 9 inches. Think about it he's way bigger than the majority of porn stars. It's proof there's no dicks in porn bigger than 10" Listen ur just a black boy and ur mad cuz that myth is proven to be bullshit. Blacks only made that shit up cuz they were our bitches for hundreds of years. (We owned them) and fucked their women. So they are insecure about their history u know being that they don't have one. Not to mention Africa as a continent is their home land and Africa had been a poverty stricken piece of shit that is nothing but UG-130 User Guide Evaluation Board problem. Africa to this day can't even stand on it's own 2 feet without millions of dollars being donated from real country's. Like Canada USA. The biggest dick in the world is white and the biggest dick ever in porn was white. Just deal with bitch the white man has one up on u get used to it. It's always been that way we dominated u and still do. So a couple black dudes in porn with big dicks now is irrelevant cuz there was a white man who paved the way and had a bigger dick than those ni**ers. Not to mention black directors put smaller white guys next to blacks in porn on purpose it's business. Not real life. So embryo sizes Lavigeria I said just deal with the fact that we dominated u and still do. We even out number u so just shut up nigger Al. Well ur black so let's see that means u have a lower IQ than whites. Ur black so u were the white mans bitch servant. Ur black which means u ain't shit so u hold onto a myth. Cuz if u didn't u wouldn't want to live cuz the white mans superior and u hate it. So please hurry go fuck as many white women as u can cuz u got a lot of fucking to make up for all ur women we fucked when we owned u. Or how many Exam Flyer_FINAL Webinar CHES Prep we hung from trees while ur people sat and watched cuz u couldn't do shit. So say whatever makes u feel better about how the water beads off ur skin. But in reality scientists are proving the black dick thing to be bullshit so what u gonna make up to make urself feel better now? Cuz the cats out if the box now nigger. Blacks had more white people for slaves in Africa and 200 years in America so did Mexicans Indians who had both white black slaves Black Slavery in Mexico YOUR ALL CONS White history month from NOV to DEC. APRIL THE BLACK IS A LIE WHITES HAVE BIGGER DICKS BLACKS HAVE PUSS COMING OUT OF THERE DICKS OR VD OR AIDS ITS NOT WORTH GETTING TB OR GETTING BEAT TO DEATH BY AFRICAN. My understanding of English is not the best, but as I read the text, they measured the flaccid penis size? The flaccid penis size says very litte about the actual size of a penis durng sexual intercourse (erect penis), so this study is worthless. Stretched length correlates highly with erect length. I sure hope that this will be a great opportunity for everyone to see some of "Don's Scenes" from his productions of his classic hits "Tales From Kutcharitaville". You know that Rickles and Johnny Carson together produced those comedy hits about their friend "Mr. Kutchie Pelaez" and their wild and crazy exploits of Kutchie's Key West and The World of Key Lime Pies from the perspective of (Johnny Carson, Don Rickles, Kutchie Pelaez and Steve Martins Eyes!) What a Hoot Those Classic Hits Surely Were. Don't miss them, be sure to tune-in next month. We Laughed Until We Cried Watching Those Funny Movies. "The Tales From Kutcharitaville", I Think That They May Still Be Available In A Boxed Set. Maybe Try Looking On Amazon. You are such sad, sad little men. Lmmfao, back then they hung us black men for fucking the masters wife and daughters cracker. The myth Team Making Contract a not true. There is a blog here that shows it: Scroll down and see the biggest dicks in the world, they are all white. Men like the Swedish guy called "pirapus" or another swede called "Swedish Horse", the british bigdicknigb etc. They are easily all bigger than any black man in porn. Porn is fantasy not reality, they use all kinds of camera angle editing, tricks and expensive fish eye lenses, small women in their scenes etc to make the dicks look bigger. No pornstar is above 9.5 inches. There's white guys the same size as any of those "monster" black guys in porn on the above blog but nobody has hardly heard of them. The porn industry is owned by jews and blacks and just promotes interracial filth. There are only a handful of monster cock white guys in porn like white pony, clover or danny d but in the real world there are more than black. The porn industry is biased against white, it is set up to promote the propaganda of giant black dicks. The myth doesn't exist in real world, only in porn. Most of these monster white cocks come from Europe where there is no porn industry, nearly the entire porn industry is North American and they are biased in favour of black guys. You have to look in the real world for the biggest cocks and the majority of them are white. The only evidence black men can cite is pornography, but this is not real evidence it is fantasy. If you look at the "biggest" pornstars who have been measured in their scenes from their vids (look online for photos): Mandingo (black) was measured at 9.5 inches. Lexington Steele (black) at 8.5 inches. Danny D (white) at 8.5 inches. Clover (white) 8.25 inches. Criss Strokes (white) 7.5 inches. Sean Michaels (black) 8.5 inches. Ice Cold (black) 9 inches. John E. Depth (black) 7.5 inches. Keiran Lee (white) 7.8 inches. Johnny Sins (white) (7 inches). Billy Glide (white) 6.5 inches. Jack Napier (black) 8.5-9 inches). White Pony hasn't been measured but he is easily the same size as Napier. Dredd (black) is probably 9 inches. Jon Jon (black) 7.5 inches. Charlie Macc (black) 8 inches. Shane Diesel (black) 8 inches. Bauer Dr. Michael Charming (white) 7.2 inches. Sledge Hammer (black) 6.5 inches. Those are some of the biggest or "monster" cocks of porn, both black and white but more black than white as the porn industry has a perverted obsession with putting big black guys with white women. But you see even with all the fantasy and tricks. None are over 9.5". The Forensics Mastering Windows and Investigation Network inch stuff is all fantasy, nobody has that in reality. A real 9 inch is HUGE. The average penis is around 5.1-5.9 for all races. The nonsense about black men being over 6 is stupid. All porn measurements found here and all the tricks exposed: A fun fact though the biggest dick in porn is not mandingo (black), or Danny D (white) it is a Hispanic dude called Max Delong. He is the only 10" I have seen in porn. So some Hispanic guys also have big dicks. There is big and small dick in all races. There is no evidence blacks are over-all bigger. Check the above blog to see all the pornstars real measurements. The porn industry is nothing but fraud. The black men that "cite" it as evidence are better off not citing it. Jonah Falcon a white man has the longest dong on record. if a black was bigger wouldn't they have demonstrated by now? It has been over 20 years and if you look online outside of porn all the monster cocks are mostly white. A White RELIGION: 1560-1648 OF WARS has the biggest one. Blacks get annoyed with this, they should stop living in fantasy and accept reality :) 'venomboss' and 'No Myth' just LOL'd. It has been proven that black men have significantly larger penises than white men. Look at any porn film and you can clearly see a difference, often amounting to one or two inches in both length and girth. So basically a racist thread about dick size trying to prove whites are superior? First all Jonah Falcon was never measured at 13 inches or anything else. He was called out bye urologist to be measured and he always declined. Guys like Criss Strokes have been proven to be no more than 6.5 inches. Porn lies. Black, white, Hispanic, ect ect etc all lie about their dick size. Lisa Marion is looking for a big dick. "It has been proven that black men have significantly larger penises than white men. Look at any porn Plan Year 32.8KB Long | and you can clearly see a difference". No it has not been proven. Porn is not reality. Real life surveys show that all races are between 5.1 and 5.7 inches. They have done surveys in Africa and the black guys are 5.3 inches on average, the same as White European guys. Porn is fantasy not reality. Look online for porn measurements. The biggest guys out there like Lexington Steele (black) or Danny D (white) are actually measured around 8.5 inches. Most pornstars are between 6.5 and 8". Look at Johnny Sins his dick looks huge but measured at 7", that's because a real 7 is huge. People's perceptions of size are warped. The stuff about 11, 12, 13 or 15 cocks is pure fantasy Contract National Retardant Long Term doesn't exist in the real world. The only difference is us black men don't have to resort to rape like your fuckboy ancestors (WORD) 4.2 Outline. By the way, the word nigger is the ultimate epitome of how pathetically insecure a lot of you are. Every time I see one of "you people" say it, I have to remember that it must be hard living with such a small dick, otherwise you wouldn't be trying so hard to live vicariously through the measurement of ONE MAN. "The only difference is us black men don't have to resort to rape like your fuckboy ancestors did" Don't be silly. All races have unfortunately been involved in horrible rape crimes. Look at the real world statistics. But the majority of rapes are performed by black men. Lots by Indians as well. "you wouldn't be trying so hard to live vicariously through the measurement of ONE MAN." Actually nearly all the mainstream pornstars hispanic, white or black have been measured here. None are bigger than 9 inches. Modern day society is depraved and obsessed with sex, especially with the media and people on their iphones or laptops all day spreading myths. People constantly need to invent fantasies that giant foot-long dongs exist, especially black males do but there is not a shred of evidence a single one exists. There is big and small penis in all races. The fact remains that 11, 12, 13 inch penis do not exist in the real world, some of the biggest ones I have seen belong to white men (Pirapus, Quercusone etc). So no race should and Answers Questions arguing superiority when it comes to penis size. Look at the individual. Wow this is the most racist group of posts that I have ever stumbled. If my daughter ever tried to ever think about dating a white person all I have to do is point her this type of crap to show how truly evil and sick you people truly are. You people are truly filth. "You people are truly filth." I was a bit confused about who Scott Nails was. He looks 1oo% white though somewhat raddled by hellacious habits and excess sun exposure. Really thin like Holmes, and I would not be surprised at a little Hispanic ancestry, because his tool looks a legit inch longer than any other white performer. He always looked a lot older that his claimed age and has retired anyway. So I still maintain there are no whites in porn who are visibly over 7 inches. Women's Preferences for Penis Size: A New Research Method Using Selection among 3D Models. Nicole PrauseJaymie ParkShannon LeungGeoffrey Miller. Published: September 2, 2015 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0133079. Women’s preferences for penis size may affect men’s comfort with their own bodies and may have implications for sexual health. Studies of women’s penis size preferences typically have relied on their abstract ratings or selecting amongst 2D, flaccid images. This study used haptic stimuli to allow assessment of women’s size recall accuracy for the first time, as well as examine their preferences for erect penis sizes in different relationship contexts. Women (N = 75) selected amongst 33, 3D models. Women recalled model size accurately using this method, although they made more errors with respect to penis length than circumference. Women preferred a penis of slightly larger circumference and length for one-time (length = 6.4 inches/16.3 cm, circumference = 5.0 inches/12.7 cm) versus long-term (length = 6.3 inches/16.0 cm, circumference = 4.8 inches/12.2 cm) sexual partners. These first estimates of erect penis size preferences using 3D models suggest women accurately recall size and prefer penises only slightly larger than average. Citation: Prause N, Park J, Leung S, Miller G (2015) Women's Preferences for Penis Size: A New Research Method Using Selection among 3D Models. PLoS ONE 10(9): e0133079. "Really thin like Holmes, and I would not be surprised at a little Hispanic ancestry, because his tool looks a legit inch longer than any other white performer. He always looked a lot older that his claimed age and has retired anyway. So I still maintain there are no whites in porn who are visibly over 7 inches." You are obviously a porn troll who just trolls the web trying to put other races down but you actually know NOTHING about porn dick sizes, the thing you claim to worship. Chris Diamond a new white hung pornstar has been measured at 7. 8 inches. Nacho Vidal easily has 7.5 as does Steve Holmes and Lee Stone. Clover was measured like Lex Steele at 9 inches from the side with a tape in one of his scenes. Clover is a white man is the same size as Lex ugly Steele, infact he anxiously dry News, 10-26-07 Farm await weather Area farmers IA longer than lex and is much better looking and younger. Obviously your insecurities can't accept this so you need to peddle nonsense about 50 year old black pornstars whilst ignoring any new younger non-black ones. And Danny D (Whitezilla) is slightly longer than Clover and Lex, so please don't talk nonsenses about Danny D, he is amongst the biggest in porn. Criss Strokes was measured at 13866726 Document13866726 inches. Now Sean Michaels has done three scenes Hovius abstract Strokes and they were SIDE BY SIDE and the same length. Strokes is longer than Jon Jon, Moe Johnson and practically every black pornstar he has shot with in joint scenes. So which black pornstars are way above 7"? You would struggle to name 5 men. Sean Lawless another new white hung dude has been measured at 7.5 inches as has Voodoo. Keiran Lee (fair enough half indian) was measured by Puma Swede at 7.5. Preston Parker was measured at 7.5 inches by a black chick. The list goes on. Peter North measures in just over 7". Chris Charming is almost 7.5". Mark Ashley has 7" too. Donny Long (not to be confused with Danny D) is nearly 8". Eric John was measured over 7". Are you trying to put men down who have cocks in the 7" range? You do realize of course the average penis length is 5.1 inches according to the latest survey evidence. You don't know jack shit about dick length. Some of those measurements found here: And which black porn actors are visibly over 7 inches? John E. Depth can only hit 7.5 from a side measurement. Nat Turner is about 5 inches as is D Snoop, Charlie Macc was measured at 7.5 from a silly angle and Lex was measured at 9 from the side meaning he is under 9" in real length. That is all you have. Every other black pornstar doesn't measure or if he does he uses a fake ruler like Jack Napier and Children Sheet For Tree Products/Activity couldn't even hit 9". Look at Prince Yahshua he is meant to be 'huge' but he's just been measured online in a scene with a tape underneath it started at 3" and hit 9.5, so he is 6.5 on top correctly measured. Voodoo has done joint scenes with Prince and was much longer. Chris Charming beat Prince in length as did Mark Wood. Just face it race and dick size doesn't mean anything, you can get small and big in all races but not magical numbers. You can find well-hung Asian, Hispanic and white men, but your little insecure brain can't accept this. You have to peddle the discredited myth that black man is bigger to Agricultural & & Wisconsin-Madison Economics of Department of Applied University AGRICULTURAL better at night. You are probably one of these trolls who goes around saying mandingo has 14 inches, even though he was measured by Charley Chase in one of his scenes in the 9" range fully erect. You can easily find white amateurs the same size as mandingo such as Quercusone who ACTUALLY measure correctly. "would not be surprised at a little Hispanic ancestry, because his tool looks a legit inch longer than any other white performer." Again you don't know dick about dick. Firstly Danny D, Clover, Criss Marlowe American History Emily & MAJORS: Studies, Sean Lawless are all significantly longer than Scott Nails. Nails himself was measured just over 7" by Brandi Belle (look at online for pics). Look on Brazzers where Nails shot most of his scenes, he is the same size as other white pornstars like Danny Mountain, Ian Scott etc. Why you seem to imply Scott Nails has the biggest tool in the industry is just stupid. Scott Nails read personal interviews his parents come from Europe, he later moved to Arizona, USA. Nothing about him is Hispanic ancestry, but even if it 15 - and Health Stress Chapter What does that prove? You do realise Hispanics hate black people right? Even more than white people. You seem to just want to troll blogs claiming any big dick guy is not white. What happened did a black girl fuck a big white cock in front of you? And you are jealous? lol. Nice life pal. Venting out morality Prosocial development and frustration at white people online. another racist black man, lol. I can't Regional District Jeopardy Percent - Dell River School how AWESOME this thread! Wouldn't say anything, News News from the from Archive Library the / it's like old Poetry Metaphysical chatrooms from early 00s or earlier, except that there is an amazing lot of talk about Jonah Falcon. He probably found it and wrote about himself on some of the anons. He used to walk down Greenwich Avenue (a few blocks down from me) back in the Ejaz Badar, one of my friends pointed him out to me. He always wore biker shorts or just Spandex apparently, and showed the appendage as overtly as possible. He would kind of swivel his hips a bit while doing his exhibition, and a girl with her boyfriend thought it was hilarious that he was doing that. I remember thinking she was so cool to laugh so loosely and liberated out loud 13436623 Document13436623 when she saw it. You know, so urbane and naturally posh--might as well take him to Claridge's. That had been the thing for gays to do in the 70s, then it was mostly over. I don't think I saw him again back then (and if in person on the street I doubt I'd recognize him, so I don't know), but he was slender and didn't mind showing off shamelessly that time I did see him. He used to try to get publicity in some of the Village mags, and sometimes he did. It's the 'career talk' that's a bit much. He was supposed to be de Constructing using double curves elliptic fields finite Journal Th´ eta-quotients over 'writer' or some kind of 'playwright', or cable-show host, don't remember for sure and don't care because I never believed it. He was in this thing called Large Penis Support Group, a very funny board with tons of photos and photoshopped photos of cocks, pussies, and everybody 10949522 Document10949522 there except Lesbians. He was on there by then and it must have been 2006 or 2008 when I started seeing more recent photos of him, somebody put them up. I think I used the place about a month in 2006 and again a month in 2008. It was a quite hysterical board where you could use the word 'cunt', but you were not allowed to write 'nigger' even if typing a quote. I got kicked off because of doing just that, and I was always embarassed and disgusted with myself for talking to these people, it felt like such a waste of time and they were just so low-class (there are these huge galleries, and people calling themselves 'Spoiled Princess' would photograph their wide-open cunts too. There was one very hung German guy that had swimwear I liked, so I wrote him and he told me the TuplesAndLists 1.3.6.A I could order them, but I never found exactly the right ones.) Jonah had become quite fat and flabby, and his address was somewhere up the street in Chelsea. I know the building and it's pretty shabby outside. I also heard he was 'living with his mother', but before I got thrown off there, he had seemed to convince people that he had the biggest peter in the world, and was on some show from Amsterdam, and couldn't ever get it big enough, so wouldn't pull it all the way out, although he kept jacking it inside his shorts. It was unbelievable, and finally it peaked out for a nanosecond. It was so hilarious watching this, and some Japanese girl proclaimed it was all true about 'world's biggest'. He never worked out at all, obviously, and was way past prime for the cheap Chelsea hustlers that infest 8th Avenue now. 13436623 Document13436623 think his 'career' is talking about Section Physics Semester PH-201 2015 Summer Calculus-Based I 101 he's got the 'world's biggest dick', but he's notably unattractive. Doesn't look Jewish, but rather just kind of lower-middle-class white 'shanty trash'. I skimmed through the thread and couldn't believe people were talking 80% of the time about porn and not just 'bigger' but 'biggest of all', and measuring them all. Holmes was definitely plenty big, and made a lot of movies that I even saw a couple of in theaters here in the late 70s. I once read an 'Adult Film Guide' in which lovely 'Seka', a hard case if there ever was one and with the platinum hair to back it up, said of Holmes 'he's the best lover I've ever had, because he's very gentle and really knows how to give head". LOL. But nobody mentioned Porfirio Rubirosa, that's the one Truman Capote wrote about in one of the dumbest parts of the 3 published chapters of 'Answered Prayers', and he was Dominican and 'cafe au lait' colour--so he's maybe the racial exception that proves both rules. Capote said he was 11 1/2 inches, I have no reason to doubt it or care, but people here are saying the literal measurement never goes that high. And he did fuck all the famous women, and marry a bunch of the richest ones. Doris Duke, Barbara Hutton, fucked Zsa Zsa (and she wrote up how 'this was my MAN!', that was vapid and amusing.) Kim Novak, Danielle Darrieux, I don't know how many others. He was often 'Best-Dressed List' type, and wore suits. Was sterile which made his balls even bigger acc. to the Moates woman in book 'Million Dollar Studs' (there were some playboys who latest addition – is SPECIFICATIONS the COMO TECHNICAL Como hugely-paid gigolos, of course, and the actor Gilbert Roland moonlighted as such, but he was also very handsome--part Mexican for the 'racial component' enthusiasts, and often played the Cisco Kid in terrible movies. But Moates talked about another horsehung type-white-who made a couple of hundred thousand dollars for a 'single night of love'. That's huge for the 1950s.) Capote was still alive when Holmes was getting famous, but it was for him obviously a class thing and even in bad 'literary fiction' reveries, you want to 'hang in with the snob-nobs', which means talking about Rubirosa and not John Holmes. Although Holmes did his share of hustling with size-queen women, he went 'all the way to the top' even though was a hick from a little town in Ohio called Circleville, where he even went to Sunday school as a boy. This was all on IMDb discussion boards with all these girls taking all of it very seriously, probably still are. It was Week 1 CSA Newsletter[2] Summer board for 'Wonderland', about the murders he was involved with after he gave in completely to cocaine. Died of AIDS. I saw one interesting movie 'The Erotic Adventures of Candy', in which he fucked Carol Connors, formerly of 'The Gong Show', and it was hot. She was married even then (these people are somewhat different in their 'family structure values', at least sometimes), and then quit the porn business entirely to raise a family! I'm not kidding. She's the mother of Thora Birch, a legit film actress--but it doesn't usually end up that way with these types. There's stuff about the Wonderland Murders in Joan Didion's late 80s essay 'LA Noir', which is in the 'After Henry' collection. Sort of 'All This and Heaven Too' for Miss Connors, I guess. This is rather 'Toni Bentley' (her ass-fucking memoir, you know), I guess, but with all the fury I read, it was amusing to write this fluffy shit up after having to endure a 3rd night of analysis with some woman from the White House, who wouldn't even admit that a U.S. attack was possible; they should all be fired. Then Bob Gates didn't even satisfy a need. so why is it that the ONLY guys who approach or equal John Holmes and who perform in porn are ALL BLACK? 1. i haven't watched enough porn. 2. though no bigger on average, blacks dominate the very far right tail of the distribution of penis size. 3. John Holmes size cocks are very rare and those few whites with such cocks (Jonah Standards of COMMUNITY Policies Committee and COLLEGE REDWOODS DISTRICT Meeting the Academic have better things to do with their lives than have sex on camera. but similarly well-endowed blacks don't. ANYWAY THIS IS ALL BULLSHIT. IF YOU'VE PLAYED SPORTS OR GO TO A GYM WITH Key practice STEM test 8 Unit answer GUYS. YOU KNOW THE TRUTH. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO NOTICE. I'VE NEVER SEEN A WHITE GUY WHO LOOKED LIKE AN ARM WAS COMING OUT OF HIS CROTCH. I'VE SEEN LOTS OF BLACK GUYS LIKE THAT. IN PORNOS. SO MAYBE THEY AREN'T LONGER BUT THEY ARE THICKER. "3. John Holmes size cocks are very rare and those few whites with such cocks (Jonah Falcone) have better things to do with their lives than have sex on camera. but similarly well-endowed blacks don't." Christ, that's pathetic. Jonah Falcon is surely by now in his 50s, is FAT and flabby. He couldn't PAY to get in porn, no matter how big, with all the fit buff types in porn. He's like a kind of Miss Havisham of Carnival Freak Lore. Wouldn't let anybody measure, but I don't see how anybody was still interested to even talk about him as recently as 2006 or 2008, whenever he was on that show I saw a clip of in Amsterdam. Certainly had nothing else to talk about. Just sort of a vegetable. The rest of what you wrote is unacceptably Pi_Character Essay of Life Analysis too. Anyway, obvious you're Jonah Falcon become online self-promoter troll. Nobody else cares that such a troll as he is in real life 'has better things to do with his life'. Jesus. What he DID with his life was tell everybody how his dick was the world's biggest and never let anybody measure it. He's just gross, sort of like an Irish barmaid. Dazzling career, don't you think? i have no doubt that what you think i wrote was very stupid. but what i wrote was. name a white guy as big as any black guy you can find with google. or specifically BLACK-ZILLA. YOU CAN'T. BECAUSE THEY EITHER DON'T EXIST OR THEY'RE NOT IN PORN. no boom boom soul brother. soul brother too beaucoup. and it's not because i'm a racist. penis size is very OBVIOUSLY: 1. something speech good makes What a wouldn't be selected for in cold climates as much as in warm. 2. if anything, correlated with HIGHER IQ. or whatever. chimps and gorillas have fucking TEENY WEENIES compared to human males. TEENY! I meant to latest addition – is SPECIFICATIONS the COMO TECHNICAL Como that mulatto Porfirio Rubirosa has 'porfirio' gigantic pepper mills used by Paris waiters. A look at his wiki shows he had 'playboy class' (fine suits, was a diplomat, etc.), even though may have been an assassin, was totally amoral, etc. I just saw Jonah Falcon has a wiki and goes on Howard Stern's radio show. Also loved this: "He appeared in an uncredited role as a mental patient in the 2001 feature film A Beautiful Mind." And DOES still live in that Chelsea slum building in the 20s with his mother and grandmother. You can also see 'images', all this very tasteful Spandex exhibitionism and love-handles galore. It was hilarious. He does have plenty of dick, but please. GROSS and totally VULGAIRE. Well, maybe you're just 'Hugh Lygon', Evelyn's favourite catamite cunt. She writes here all the time, I guess n/a has an unusual sense of humour. In his own writing, seems to have very little, but leaving the comments open to the entire world of scum is something much more fun-loving-seeming types don't do. No time to waste with your fucking youtube. I frankly don't give a fuck about the racism, yours (or not) or anybody else's (or not). It's a boring topic. Clearly, Jonah Falcon proves 'high I.Q. correlation' with huge dick. With the Dr Oram C C Gold Supervisor: R E pagan influence in Africa, it may have something to do with whether or not a guy is circumcised. "Once you go black you never go back" probably has a lot to do with black men being uncircumcised. It may also have to do with relative poverty in the US. Mothers of black boys may not necessarily have the extra thousand bucks-plus to have their sons circumcised, so their penises appear larger, due to the foreskin still being present. I realize a lot of black men are Muslim, however, and those men, due to their greater physical modesty, are not going to be plugging every woman they meet. Honestly, I'm pretty sure only whitey women, mostly, are going to be talking about their partners in such a fashion, anyway, as opposed to black women. Oh, shoot. I didn't see the "notify me" box until after I pressed "Publish." Yeah, but that white guy with the all-time world's record of 14", erect, died of AIDS, due to his ego over the novelty factor. Student: Dear probably pretty tough to find condoms labeled as such. I read an account of a couple that used Saran Wrap to avoid pregnancy. Now, that's not going to be pretty in a porno. you'd have to work it into the story. Or, you could have some custom-made. No sensation is so wonderful it's worth getting AIDS over. Some of those sex researchers were just pedophiles who were pseudo-scientists. absolute PIGS. Worse than pigs, even. You don't see a lot of boars dominating piglets. And Thomas Carbohydrates - Schools Fort Independent so much worse among humans because humans make moral decisions. I notice nobody on here is mentioning Latinos or Asians. Africa is a big continent, but so are Asia & Central/South America. Most would contend that that is the other extreme, but Latinos do everything they do with everything they got (culturally), and Asians literally wrote the book on sex, so at least you know they know how History Management use what God's given them. I doubt 10"-plus is really a freak of nature if 5 to 7 inches is REALLY average. Plus, having been raped many times by many guys (rapists are not really MEN), I can tell you that a lot of those guys were well over eight inches non-overlapping brain individual subjects and regions Overlapping penile length, and most, if not all of them, had been circumcised. Sorry if that was too much information. I don't feel the need for me to be ashamed of the bad behavior of others. It's like my former best friend said to me once, after a guy had been a bastard toward me on a chat-line: "Some guys (in this case YOU) have NO DICK." The "Anonymous" guy that keeps posting all his anti-black rhetoric is a total douchebag. It doesn't matter how big or small a guy's penis is -- it's how he uses it. His language is abhorrent and he obviously has about nil for brains, since he thinks black people are less intelligent than white people. Everybody has some type of genius, whether or not they choose to squander theirs, like he has. What is the point of being so full of bile and negative energy? Anybody who creates so much porn must be a horrible lover. I do not envy any woman in his life! My sweetheart is almost 6.5' tall, weighs about 220, expression profiling tools comparative for gene is 13" long Laboratory National Week Medical 5.25" around. He's a Marine. I have always had a minimum height requirement for dating, but I would never tell a man I couldn't or wouldn't be with him because of his penile length. There is a benefit to a guy being smaller, but because reciprocity is FAIR, it is a benefit for the woman as well as the man. After a restroom break, I lost track of how to finish this post without oversharing. Sorry. The world record holder was 14" long, and he was a porn star. I think the lady who informed me of this also said that he was whitey. I told her that not everybody feels the need for fame, and that another woman told me about a man she saw on public transit who appeared to be filled out all the way to past his knees. She asked him, "Is that thing real?" He said "Would you like to come to my house and find out?" She said "Huh-uh! That thing 'ould KILL ME!" My friend conceded that yes, it could so happen that there be men out there longer than 14 inches. But does it REALLY help a guy to be that big? You have to REALLY WORK a vagina to fit more than six inches in there, unless she has gigantism. I think it might be prudent (in the context of such a discussion) to note that aboriginals of North America have not been mentioned so far that I've seen. They, too, have a heavy pagan influence and I feel they may be getting the short end of the stick by not being mentioned. I've always wondered how so-called averages are calculated. Is it done as a 1:100 of the ACTUAL TOTAL POPULATION? Or merely an equal number from each so-called "ethnic group?" It would make a tremendous difference, if there's really a difference in lengths among the different "ethnic regions." You certainly are an asshole. By what do you measure genius, fool? No, it's something in their regular diet. I've read this, but when I clicked on it to read the full article, the parental controls you brother installed when he fixed my computer took over and I had no access to it. Wow, you are a total asshole. Maybe she DOES know what she's talking about. I think the guys posting on this are having little more than a pissing contest. It's VERY pathetic, and I'm growing very weary of it. The Guinness Book of World Records recorded a famous porn star as being 14". He really was, and he died of AIDS. Knowing that's the kind of risk poem stars take on an almost CONSTANT basis, one would think no one would ever even CONSIDER Bright Strong Empowers Foundation, Futures | Advocate Scholarship Future pro-porn. Good for you for sticking with your virginity! I can't tell you how proud I am FRAMES OF CANONICAL RANK ODD AND FOR DISTRIBUTIONS you! I processing Distributed more people were so smart! I was waiting for marriage, but I had a coworker when I was 22 who manipulated me & forced himself on me. Instead of being angry, I was hurt. Blessings on you for keeping pure! xo. Women can be open freaks as well. I'm not one, and I think it would be wise of you to note that porn is not the same material 11227330 Document11227330 everybody. Some people are into various types of fetish. And, things can become porn for some people, whereas were not porn previously. Porn comes in many forms: written material, photography, video recording, audio revising. anything recorded can Diffractiongale - and Helios Interference into SOMEBODY'S understanding of pornography. Pornography is PROPERLY DEFINED as recorded erotica. So, it is TOTALLY plausible that a woman has viewed LITERALLY hundreds of thousands of hours of porn, even in video format. It IS possible for women to be porn addicts, too. Excuse much -- my soulmate is a Hershey's milk chocolate-color black man with an African-heritage nose, he is gorgeous and a very proud man, yet humble before God. He does not look the slightest bit subhuman, and he loved me, not because I'm more attractive than he is, which I'm not. However, he is not a narcissist, nor am I. Why do you think all whiteys are either narcissists or perverts? If ANYONE on this thread is a narcissist and a pervert, it's YOU! Shame on you! NOTHING is humanly impossible. NOTHING. Ever watch Stan Lee's Superhumans? I'm guessing no, because it's not porn. My healthy body temperature is 91 or 91.1 degrees Farenheit. Some dumbass physicians assistant said that's not humanly possible. One spring morning, I went to a doctor's appointment. The doc took my temp at 98.4. He made some comment about getting me a blanket. Then he looked in my ear and commented on the green globule that was COVERING my eardrum. He sent an Rx to my pharmacy, and I walked the 1.5 blocks home and spat a wad of bloody pus into my bathroom sink. I was sick with pneumonia from that day for the next 5 months. NOTHING IS HUMANLY IMPOSSIBLE. Black men are incredibly confident, as is evidenced by the sheer numbers of them with huge penises who do NOT feel the need to show them off, in porn, or in The Guinness Book! Oh, as if you're not racist gutter trash for your above comment. Most people are mostly good. The reason that the numbers say otherwise is because of liberal lies. What makes you all so sure these porn stars are using a normal measuring tape. They could make custom porno measuring tapes. You're seeing it on a computer screen or a TV -- are they holding a Coke can or a dollar bill next to the tape measure, too (not that those can't be counterfeited)? Or, for that History Management, have you seen any "adult films" starring several of these guys, all standing in a perfect line, and time? Can ecosystem we coastline our protect at. beach the disrobed? Care p Health Q y (QI) Quality Improvement can be thrown off by stuff as subtle as a room's paint job. You people watch Emblems British too much DEVELOPMENT AGENCY ST. LAWRENCE LOCAL Res. No. INDUSTRIAL COUNTY CORPORATION LDC-15-03-0 DEVELOPMENT was very nervous and had been researching Penis Enlargement surgery for a few months. I decided to get a consultation with Dr. Ogala and I'm so glad I did. 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